More Burning Man 2013. All photos credited to me.

Burning Man 2013. All photos credited to me.

Shot for Michigan State University’s Center for Regional Food Systems

July 2013

The bear.  Taken by Carmen.  @carmadiem56

The bear.  Taken by Carmen.  @carmadiem56

Merry Chrimbus from me and one of my pups.

idea for tonight: let’s see how this works!!  check back later :D

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Photo tip: Prisms and colored glass in general make for lovely portraits.

Photo by Lukasz Wierzbowski; via Ignant


Fantastic photo project idea: revisit the same place throughout the seasons.

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A small, year long project I worked on. The four seasons of The Bush. [Lake Springfield, IL][2011-12]


Storm and weather photographs can be some of the most awe-inspiring images, but the nature of taking them can be one of the most hazardous! 

Keeping your camera safe during wet conditions is crucial, so check out this simple guide to building a rain suit for your camera! 

DIY Rain Guard is Dirt Cheap and Super Easy - Keep Your Camera Safe!

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